Top 10 Signs Your Cat is a Nazi

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There is definitely something off with having a cat, but you could be surprised that they might be a Nazi.

Here are the top ten signs your cat is a Nazi.

10. They always keep tabs on you

No matter where you go in the house they’re right there near you staring you dead in the eyes.  Like they’re waiting for you to screw up so they can come after you.

9. They mark their territory

They’ll pee or poop anywhere they want.  Making more and more of the house their own.  It’s like they’re invading your space just like they invaded Poland in 1939.

8. They ignore you when you talk to them

Interesting that the “master race” doesn’t want to acknowledge your existence.  hmmmmm

7. They can’t stand the French

In all honestly, does ANYONE like the French?

6. They have several copies of “Mein Kampf”

Seriously, having more than one copy would put anyone into question.

5. They complain that the wrong side won World War II

Wrong side?  I really think I need get a dog instead.

4. “Hogan’s Heroes” is an awful show

Colonel Klink always loses.  ALWAYS!

3. Whenever someone mentions FDR they say “polio for the win” under their breath

When did they get into politics?  I think something is seriously wrong here.

2. They just got their passport and a ticket to Argentina

Cats can get passports?  Argentina?  Wonder what’s down there for them?

1. They wear the uniform

Okay, that proves it.

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