The Fatman Chronicles: Here’s My Plan

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As we slowly approach the big Monday next week you might be asking yourself, “How is Corey going to do this?”

There are so many diet plans out there that there is no ONE perfect plan for anyone.  They all have their ups and downs and I’m not going to use any of them.

We’ve all see the commercials on TV for Weight Watchers (or WW as they rebranded themselves as), Jenny Craig and Nutrasystem, just to name a few.  They all have their ups and downs, but they all cost money just to participate.  Some of them even have you buying their food too.  Which, of course, is probably one of the worst ways to go, because once you leave their plan you leave their food behind and go back to your old ways of eating.  If I had a personal chef to make my meals I could do the same thing and lose weight.

WW, in my opinion, is the best of the plans because they use a point system and you don’t have to buy any of their food or items that they sell.  Once you have the calculations you can do it on your own.  Basically with them you are paying for the community support, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Also, you have the ‘clinical’ versions out there that can be anything from a nutritionist helping you to surgical procedures.  Even those aren’t a guarantee either.  I’ve known several people who’ve had procedures and gained the weight back because they went back to their old habits.

The way I am going to attempt to do this is the “slow and steady” technique.  I am not going to change everything all at once and, basically, send my body into “shock”.  The quicker you change your habits means the quicker you break those new habits.

I don’t want to go down that road.

So what am I going to change?

I know my downfalls.  One of the biggest is soda.  I’m not going to cut that out completely right now, but I am going to cut back as much as possible.  The first thing is that we are not going to bring 2 liter bottles or 12 packs of soda into the house.  The more that’s in the house the more that we’ll consume.  If we want a soda we will go out and get ourselves a 20 ounce bottle to enjoy.

Another thing that is my “Kryptonite” is fast food.  It’s so easy to head out and grab a meal at McDonald’s and inhale that.  Besides all of the calories that are in the meal the price isn’t cheap.  The meals usually cost about $10 if you go to the store to get them and EVEN MORE if you use a delivery service like GrubHub or UberEats.  This doesn’t mean that fast food will be cut out of my eating, but limiting it and limiting to what I get at the store will.  (Maybe not getting a soda and fries and just getting a double cheeseburger to fill that craving.)

The third weakness I have is snacks.  We always have bags of M&Ms, Cheez-Its, or some other salty/sugary goodness sitting around the house.  Those have to go.  The best plan of attack on this is similar to the soda.  If I want one I have to go out and get an INDIVIDUAL size of the snack I want.  No more party size bags of candy sitting around the house.  I believe in the old adage “Out of sight, out of mind.”

What else is going to go?

In our house the majority of the people have issues with dairy products so regular dairy products are going out the door.  I’m not a huge milk drinker so I’m not going to miss out on anything.  The traditional milk has already been replaced with almond milk.  Any other dairy products that come up in recipes we’ll tackle at that time.

Also, the wife should be eating a gluten free diet so she’s slowly replacing a majority of the items that has gluten with gluten free items.  So the breads and pastas are being replaced in the house.  I have no problem with this because it will also help me with the carb intake by choosing not to eat bread as much as I normally do.

I haven’t compared the nutritional values of almond milk with cow milk and the gluten free items with their gluten siblings, but I’m curious to see what difference there are between the two.  I’ll keep you posted on this in the future.

One last thing

So, that’s the basics of how I’m going to tackle this.  There are a few things that I didn’t mention before that need to be said.

First off, I am going to try to stop eating and drinking anything by 6pm each night.  It’s good to be in a habit to eat the same times every day so your body is used to when it gets it’s food.

Lastly, I’m going to keep an eye on my carbs intake.  I’m not going to go with a straight up keto diet, but I’m going to use their blueprint to try to keep my sugar intake low.  Cutting the sugar out is the ‘quickest’ way to drop the pounds.

That’s all, my friends, I hope that you join me on this journey and I’ll talk to you next time.

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