Teachers Don’t Get Respect

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Why can’t teachers get respect nowadays?

I heard a couple of days ago that a teacher was suspended from school for yelling at a student.  Being a child of the 80s I was disappointed to hear this.

Why would a teacher be suspended for raising their voice at a student?

The answer is so simple: society has taught them this is wrong.

Kids are told that if anyone says anything to them that they don’t like they can report it.  It’s burned into their brains from the schools, the news, and the outside work.

With this in their heads they can get away with anything.  Teachers have no power whatsoever anymore.  Basically, they are glorified babysitters.  If the kids don’t learn – who cares?  If the kids act up – can’t do anything about it.  Teachers are in fear because they know their helpless to do anything.

When I was growing up we were told to respect our elders (aka adults).  It didn’t matter who they were.  When a teacher told you to do something you did it.  Period.  No arguments.

I also think that the main reason the teacher probably got suspended was because of the parents.  I would put money on it that the kid went home and said they got yelled out and the parents got ‘butt hurt’ and ran to the school to complain.

I can’t stand parents that always blame the school as the problem.  Tired of the “not my kid” mentality that parents have out there.  Hey, all kids are a-holes every once in a while.  They aren’t perfect.  Especially when they aren’t around you.

I wish that teachers could get some of the power back in the classroom.  Kids needs to learn respect because when they get in the real world it’s not going to be as easy.  Jobs have bosses that, and I know this might be hard to believe, you have to listen to.

Best of luck to the teachers out there.

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