Screw You Pikachu

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With Christmas over I’ve been sitting here in front of the TV watching “Pokémon Shield” being played and wonder how the hell people are still playing these types of games!

I’m not just talking about the “ball throwing, monster evolution fighting game”.  I’m talking about the role playing battle games like “Shield”, “The Legend of Zelda”, and “Final Fantasy”.

I don’t know if I had grown out of that style of game or what, but these seem to be very boring nowaday.

It seems like all anyone does in these games are walking around and bump into enemies, that are just sitting there on the screen, and have to fight them by selecting how to fight, or run, from the computer controlling the other character.

Then, in between battles, it just seems like you take whatever you won from the opponent and use to upgrade your characters or heal them or whatever the hell you do with the stuff in your inventory.

I don’t know if these games have been simplified to be like that, but it seemed like, back in my day, the games had an actual interesting story to them that made you want to stare at the screen all day to be able to get to that area you could see, but didn’t have the right tool for yet.  Those days were the best.  The “Zelda” games rocked!  Never were disappointments at all.

Whenever the big screen in the living room is being used to play games on I have no problem, but for some reason, “Pokémon Shield” just makes me have to leave the room.  I don’t know what it is about this game.  I feel like all the hours put into the game and the damn character hasn’t leave a small area on the map!

Anyone up for a game of Pong?

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