Schoolhouse Rock! (Throwback Thursday)

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There was nothing more part of the 80s Saturday ritual as catching Schoolhouse Rock! during the commercial breaks from cartoons.

The 80s was a great decade for Saturday morning cartoons.

Nothing beat sitting in front of the TV, in your jammies, with a bowl of cereal watching all the great cartoons on ABC.  The channel was smart too, and didn’t just shove commercials in during the breaks.  They also had Schoolhouse Rock!

These catchy short little turns taught us so much stuff. 

We learned how a bill is made into a law, what a conjunction is, and electricity.  (Electricity.  Electricity)

Granted, these might not have been the most in depth teaching tools, but they did two things:

  1. They taught us something new
  2. The songs have stayed with us ever since

Sadly, in 1984 the original run of these shorts were done, but we were the fortunate generation who got to experience them first hand.

We’ll never get anything as unique as “Schoolhouse Rock!” on television again.  Especially now, that Saturday morning cartoons are dead and kids have so many other resources out there to get their entertainment.

It’s nice that even Family Guy (perfectly) parodied these shorts:

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