Micro-Resolution Day 0: Getting Ready

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January 6th is almost here and tomorrow the micro-resolutions begin!

If you remember the post from last week I mentioned resolutions being total BS and that, instead, we should have short term attainable goals to strive for.

Tomorrow is that day.

Like most of the world, weight loss would be nice.  So that’s what I want to achieve.

My first micro-resolution is to cut back on the coffee and soda.

I have tracked how much soda and coffee I’ve consumed over the last week on a daily basis.  I used 12 oz as the standard serving size.  I’ve rounded up the amounts if they exceeded 12 ounces.  For example, if I had a 20 ounce bottle of soda I would count it as 24 ounces and make it 2 servings.

Some people might choose to use the average for the week, but I notice that I consume more on the weekends since I’m not working, so I will set my goals based on the my weekday consumption.

On a normal day I drink 3 cups of coffee and 5 sodas.  So, my goal is to cut back to 2 cups of coffee and 3 sodas a day.  Also, I will replace the coffees and sodas I’m giving up with water.  So, I will try to drink at least 3 cups of water in the place of the other stuff.

I’m going to weigh myself first thing in the morning just to keep track of it.

I don’t expect to lose any weight this first week, but, hopefully, changing these habits the pounds will slowly start to decrease.

I’ll keep you posted on how the progress is going.

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